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Dangal movie learningMovie


A sports movie about woman wrestling. Beautiful cinematics and beautiful scoring for the movie.
Sky Chew
May 22, 2022
My liberation notes learningMovieSeries

My Liberation Notes

Spoiler alert! The First 3 episode is a build-up of frustration and depression so you can understand why they want liberation. Really unique and interesting…
Sky Chew
May 22, 2022
Victoria secret wingsPlayskychew

Why sky?

The origin story of why I chose my name to be Sky after Casey(from the ninja turtle character). If you were to be reborn as…
Sky Chew
May 1, 2022
immortal jelly fishHealth

Eternally Immortal

Immortality or reverse ageing are the tips I am trying to collect and summarize here. My strategy is : Take action on analytics (Maintain health)…
Sky Chew
February 23, 2022