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What did I learn from consulting a client to becoming hired internally? Here are some of the potential issues and things to take note of whenever you are joining a new company’s digital growth managing position.


One of the biggest learning is you go from solution-focused to getting people to work on the solution. A consultant passes the convince stage once you pass the proposal stage. Where else for an internal managing position this never stops.


It’s important to ascertain the amount of influence the decision you make can have. Especially most of the time my work is cross-departmental. Covering from CTO to CMO departments. What kind of influence cross-departmental will you have.

Are there external decisions makers that are not part of your company’s hierarchy that you are not aware of?


A lot of times change in improvements come with a lot of dependency problems. It is obviously easier to do incremental change. However, the biggest problem is legacy issues. What I mean here is will your new solution mean making other people’s decisions/strategies in the past look bad. It could even be projects that are already halfway before you join and now you want to change them entirely.

Are there external investors, decision-makers or experts that the company has been trusting before you come around?


What kind of team do you have to achieve your success. Is your success dependent on the capabilities of these team members? Do you have an influence in building this team?

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