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Immortality or reverse ageing are the tips I am trying to collect and summarize here.

My strategy is :

  1. Take action on analytics (Maintain health)
    1. Stay physically fit
    2. Eat healthily
    3. Organ individual system
    4. Maintain a healthy Microbiome (
    5. Sleep well (oura ring)
  2. Reverse Aging (summary video by Veritesium from the book by Dr. David Sinclair: Lifespan)
    1. There are 3 types of longevity gene
      1. Sirtuins
        1. NMN -> NAD increase to improve Sirtuan
      2. AMPK (sugar intake)
      3. mTOR (Amino acid)
    2. summary for reverse ageing
      1. Measure your real biological age
        1. Horvath Clock
          1. Epigenetic Test
          2. Epimetabolic test (mydnage test)
      2. Eat less (AMPK)
      3. Eat Less protein (mTOR)
      4. High-intensity training (Heart rate above 100 BPM) (SIRTUIN)
      5. Extremely Cold (Wim Hof method) (SIRTUIN)
      6. Extremely Hot (SIRTUIN)
      7. Protect from DNA damage (So our cells don’t forget what to do)
    3. Health Tips
      1. Jun gunter – you cant boost your immune system
      2. Jun gunter –  a cleanse won’t detox your body
      3. Jen Gunter – Supplements, extra’s are just filtered out by your liver.

Consume NMN?


Microbiome, I have a personal experience on how I started looking into this topic. I took a week off to check out Chiang Mai in December 2019. Even though I was careful not to take street food only restaurant food I still manage to get food poisoning. As I try to figure out what to do in this situation I decided to go to a pharmacist and just get antidiarrhea meds and anti-vomiting meds and painkillers and hope for the best. But interestingly the pharmacist recommended me some lactobacillus bacteria. Obviously, they didn’t say that in the packaging but after some googling, that’s what it was. Basically, the idea was to introduce known healthy bacteria into my gut. This is because a normal anti-bacteria solution would kill even the good bacteria in your gut which is not always the best solution.

So from this, I decided to research what healthy guy bacteria means. Since I was stuck in bed anyway I might as well be productive.

I found this Ted Talk by Henna-Maria Uusitupa which led me to

The solution so far is that we don’t know what is the best bacteria ecology for humans yet. It is still under early research. They do know some good bacteria which are sold now as prebiotic and probiotic.

Here Dave Asprey talked about increasing his microbiome numbers using prebiotic.

super human dave asprey immortality

Super Human by Dave Asprey

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