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Spoiler alert!

The First 3 episode is a build-up of frustration and depression so you can understand why they want liberation. Really unique and interesting series. You will start understanding the concept of the series at the end of episode 3 when they start a Liberation club that does the activity Liberation. This is the same uncomfortable feeling that comes when I talk about being comfortable with uncertainties. Watch visually how this club went from don’t know what it is to something with rules.

  1. Rule 1 : Do not pretend to be happy
  2. Rule 2 : Do not pretend to be sad
  3. Rule 3 : Be Honest to yourself (internally if externally is not possible)

When a member is speaking about what liberation means for them.

  1. Do not comment.
  2. Do not provide a solution.
  3. Do not judge.


I also discovered a really cool song in episode 8 when they were looking for a Nirvana album this song was playing instead.
Diamond by 9Duck (다이아몬드 · 최기덕)

Worshipping as a form of relationship

One of the most interesting parts was when the girl asked the guy to worship her. It is her concept of love that is absolute, pure and devoid of envy and all negative feeling. This is also the same concept as when her sister talks about how she was nicknamed the pickup girl. Because of the gory story, her sister talks about how she wants to become a brave and loyal type of lover. In the IF scenario that your lover’s head is chopped off (decapitated) will you (the lover) choose to run, cry or pick up the head. She said she will pick up the head.

Worshipping the word and definition in my head is negative. The reason is because it is a one-sided unquestionable praising and raising of someone/something. But it is interesting how the series turns this negative word into something positive because of how both of them are pure, honest, transparent and kind did they manage to turn worshipping into something positive. In the end in the portrayal it is much more about being “supportive in the face of adversity” was what they meant by worshipping.

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