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Things to do in Phuket short trip. – Planned by the amazing Peak and Sa – Thank you!

Here We emphasized on hiking and beach so, sun, sea and mountains!

Day 1

Cafe – The Ruby Sea Cafe

Airport Beach to capture plane flying over – Mai Khao Beach Airport Viewpoint

Depending on the season affecting the wind you can get it when the plane is about to land (looks nearer and bigger) but when we went it was lift-off! so it’s a bit smaller.

Nai Yang Beach Snorkelling – Nai Yang Beach

This is no ordinary Snorkelling. There is really lots to see!

Dinner : Five Olives Phuket (34th Best Pizza in Asia-Pacific 2024)

We ordered truffles, cheese and Salami. Truffles was definitely the best we tried but the cheese for cheese lovers it has Blue Cheese!. Salami is for the peperoni lovers 😀
The amazing thing about the pizza besides the stuffing is the fluffy crust sides.

Day 2

Sunrise at Samet Nang She Viewpoint

Lunch Rawai Fish Market

Trekking / Hiking From The Nai Harn to Lam Krating to Black Rock Viewpoint



All Trails

Breakfast – Kanom Jeen Liew

Awesome Korean – Food (there is no google location so i tagged it)

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