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The origin story of why I chose my name to be Sky after Casey(from the ninja turtle character). If you were to be reborn as an animal what would you be? I would always say a bird. I have a fear of heights that makes my heart tingle and my knees weak whenever I walk on a glass-floored attraction that is built on 100 floors above ground. So much so that even when I go diving and there are relative visual cues of depth or height the feeling will kick in, like wreckage dive or a deep pool. This is also apparent when I have nightmares where the fear is vast deep emptiness. Which I for the longest time interpret as “flying”. All of this I guess can be attributed to the reasoning if there is a need for one for my love for wings. At first, I thought bird but I concluded it was wings when I watched a Victoria Secret fashion show ;D

My love for wings is to overcome my fear of heights to fly high in to the sky

Sky ChewOrigin Story
Fear of heights even when diving

Image source : Apnea_Total_Malta_Freediving_School_EXPEDITIONS_Featured

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