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Food is one of the biggest research that I looked into when looking to improve my health and live longer. I have done this research before when I was running my healthy food startup cleanbites (read about my learning here). The conclusion from that research was whole food, clean food and reduction of the 5 evil whites (salt, sugar, rice, pasta, flour).

However I would advice anyone who are starting their food research journey to start with this book. IN DEFENCE OF FOOD.

Prime Video: In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto



The book talks about how nutritionism is not advanced as we think it is. So it is unreliable to rely on nutritionism. Government advices are politically biased.

Food history especially fake food how did it become a normal thing.

Food is more than just fuel, it is also our culture and our way of life.

We spend too little time on food. (Inspiration)

I love his food manifesto, it is incredibly simple.

Eat food. (Eat whole real food)

Not too much. ( We are in an era of abundance of food due to industrialization)

Mostly plants. (We are not meant to eat too much meat)

Some things that I was looking to improve my diet or food plan.

  • When is the best time to eat
  • How many times should we eat in a day (3 times or 6 times)
  • What type of food
  • How to improve my microbiome.


Netflix : What the health

Netflix :  The Game Changers

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