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My Chiang Mai Google Map List. Most of them I have already reviewed them so you can check my google review for my thoughts and pictures!

I super love Chiang Mai in December it has winter! 15°C . So I decided to compile my Chiang Mai plans in case anyone is interested and needs help with planning their Chiang Mai trip. The last time I went I travelled by Train. The new first-class train is quite comfortable and you will arrive overnight (I will add my experience of buying the train ticket later). I usually rent a car(Avis) if am planning not to stay in the city. If I am just chilling in the city then renting a scooter is best.

Things to do

  1. West Side
  2. East Side
  3. North Side
  4. General multiple areas
    • Elephants ( There are many research one where they treat the elephants humanely)
    • ATV
    • Rock Climbing
    • White water rafting
  5. City Area

I recommend planning your activities first then plan your accommodation closest to the activities. Here is something to help understand the different regions.

  1. Center Square is the heart of Chiang Mai. I would not stay in the centre though. Traffic is terrible.
  2. South West is where the mountain hiking is. Accommodations are scarce and not great.
  3. North is where most of the activities and great hotels are.
  4. Deep in the East is where you can find super luxury splurging-type accommodations. A good blog post here. The East side is also where the Paramotors are.

Places to stay.

All information here can be found in my Google map list.

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