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When a flower doesn’t bloom do you blame the flower?

You would first look at its environment, the soil, the sunlight and the water. You don’t blame the flower.

But you are not a flower.

If the environment you are in isn’t good for you, you should move or change it. You could also change your mindset about your environment.

Instead of blaming everything on your environment, “I can’t be successful, I can’t be strong because I am born in this environment. Instead of blaming your environment first, you must know that you can change, you can be better and you can make a difference. but you must first change your mindset and start trying.

You are not your thoughts

  • Your thoughts don’t define you.
  • Your thoughts are not facts and not all true.
  • Don’t be reactive to your thoughts be more active with them.
  • Your brain is a tool.

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